The objects around us reflect and extend our inner spirit, bringing joy and animating our everyday experience

As companions, they ground us in the present while connecting us to the past and future. Our collections are dedicated to cultivating this connection.

We are privileged to work alongside dedicated craftspeople and communities in realising this endeavour.

Madheke's unique designs transcend cultural boundaries and embrace the essence of ‘revival’. 

Harnessing traditional techniques and investing in ‘new crafts’, Madheke sculpts an aesthetic resonating with a global audience.

Our design philosophy creates synergy between technology and the crafts, each innovating the other

Our collections embody this synergy where high-precision engineering meets crafted excellence.


Inspired by the Bentley 3-Litre, the 3L Shatranj pays homage to the engineering brilliance and innovation of W.O Bentley and his team.